Moving To Paris:
Everything You'll Need To Know - And More.

Paris: Quick Facts

Primary Language



Euro (€)


Paris has a mild climate; never getting to hot or too cold, in general.


Like all of France, the people of Paris have been stereotyped, but these thoughts are mostly incorrect; Parisian people are generally quite pleasant and friendly.
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About Paris

Though living in Paris is thought to be a bit of a challenge due to cultural differences to wherever you're from, with these challenges come great opportunities to experience some of the best food, drinks and sights in the world. Whether your draw to moving to Paris is for romance, for work or following a dream, Paris will both enlighten and fulfill your expecations.

Paris: By The Numbers

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Tips For Moving Your Stuff To Paris

There are several options for moving your furniture, clothes and other personal possessions to Paris - some more costly than others. If you want to save a ton on moving costs, pack your stuff yourself. There are many great services that will actually send you a box, crate and everything else you need for the move; load your stuff up and they will pick it up and send it to the Paris for you. We've experienced thousands of moves to Paris, France and Europe and this is by far the best.

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