Moving To France:
Everything You'll Need To Know - And More.

France: Quick Facts

Official Language



Euro (€)


Northern France is humid in summer and cool in winter. Southern France is dry and warm.


There are many stereotypes about the French people but the French are very friendly and are welcoming to travellers despite what the myths say.
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French Citizenship

While there are many ways to become a citizen of France, depending on your legal status, the most common way for an immigrant in France to become a citizen is to do it through the process of naturalisation. Requirements for naturalisation include a stay of 5 years before your application for naturalisation, proof of French integration via proficiency and knowledge of the French language, society, culture, rights and duties of a French citizen. Once you have fulfilled the above requirements, you can then apply for your French citizenship.

France: By The Numbers

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Tips For Moving Your Stuff To France

There are several options for moving your furniture, clothes and other personal possessions to France - some more costly than others. If you want to save a ton on moving costs, pack your stuff yourself. There are many great services that will actually send you a box, crate and everything else you need for the move; load your stuff up and they will pick it up and send it to France for you. We've experienced thousands of moves to France and Europe and this is by far the best.

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