Expat Living: The Best Expat Websites

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Expat Living: The Best Expat Websites

Best Expat Websites

Best Of: Expat Websites

If you’re thinking about a move to Europe, it’s important to do your research first, as always. Things like researching a place to live, finding the best places to live, transportation once you get there, flights, international shipping companies , etc. What about your expat community?

What you may find that is also important to research are the expats that are currently living in the country in Europe you’re moving to. Learning from people who have done what you’re looking to do is a great way to avoid any potential pitfalls associated with making the move abroad. One great way to research those communities is find them online.

To help you quickly find your expat community, we’ve gathered some of the best expat sites on the web for you to take a look at before moving to Europe:

Expat Exchange


British Expats


Toytown Germany




Expat Forum




Though there are dozens more expat sites out there, from the information we’ve gathered from international travellers, these are among the best of the web and are highly recommended by movingtoeurope.com.

Cheers, and safe travels!

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