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Moving To England - Why Are There Two Taps In The UK?
Moving To England? Watch Out For The Double Tap!
October 14, 2014
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Welcome to, a collaborative dialogue of international moving experts sharing their knowledge, tips and advice with the world to help guide people who are interested in a move to Europe.

Why We Created

We created this site because we want to help those that are planning a move to Europe, thinking about moving to Europe or dreaming about a move to Europe.

Moving can be a daunting task, let alone in your home country, much more so if you’re moving abroad. We’re here to help make that move less daunting by sharing our knowledge of the international moving industry.

Who We Are

We’ve assembled a team of experts from various positions within the moving industry, along with an expert network of movers — those who have decades of moving experience to and from Europe — to help create the world’s #1 resource for moving to Europe from USA, Canada, Australia, and anywhere else you’ve decided to move from.

We Love Europe

All of our team loves everything about Europe — from the UK and London, to Paris and France, to Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain — no matter where you’re moving to in Europe, we’ll make sure you have all of the knowledge and information you’ll need to make your move stress free, and save you time and money while doing so.

International Moving Expert
International Moving Expert brings together some of the most experienced international moving experts in the world to lend their advice to those planning a move, thinking about moving or just interested in the idea of moving to Europe.